“Paths to Integration”

Implementation period

The project “Paths to Integration” started in June 2018 and was completed in February 2022.

The project’s aim was to support international protection seekers and beneficiaries to face everyday life challenges towards their integration. It addressed individuals who received mental health services at Babel Day Centre and planned to stay in Greece.

In the framework of the project, the following activities took place:

-One-to-one sessions, where an individualized support plan was created, implemented and evaluated jointly by the professionals and the beneficiaries

-Group meetings and workshops on topics that emerged from the one-to-one sessions and aimed, apart from sharing information and familiarizing the beneficiaries with the Greek reality, to exchange experiences and networking among the individuals that participated in the project

-Meetings with other organizations that provide services to our beneficiaries which aimed to create small networks to ensure the provision of more comprehensive support and care

Finally, part of the project was the creation of a guide (Paths to Integration Toward a Methodological Framework of Support for Applicants and Beneficiaries of International Protection), which is addressed to front-line professionals and aims to contribute through the experience of the specific programme around the challenges and good practices that emerged during its implementation.


The project was supported by the Open Society Foundations.


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