What we do  /  Services for adults:

Babel’s interdisciplinary group, in collaboration with volunteers and language facilitators, provide wide-ranging services for the beneficiaries, including:


  • Diagnosis, needs’ assessment, functionality assessment, resilience/ vulnerability assessment
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Psychological support
  • Counseling and psychotherapy (most members of Babel’s interdisciplinary group have been trained or are being trained in psychotherapeutic techniques –systemic, psychoanalytic, schema therapy)
  • Connection to services, escort, mediation
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation

Interpretation is available for beneficiaries who do not speak Greek; specially trained linguistic facilitators are participating in the sessions. Babel’s professionals are capable of leading sessions in English, French, Arabic, Italian and Spanish.


“Language or any other difference should not impede access to care”

Our services are provided on individual, family and group level.

Ι. Δροσοπούλου 72, 112 57 Αθήνα
email: babel@syn-eirmos.gr
Τηλ.: 2108616280, 2108616266 Fax: 2108616102