Beyond the Workshops of HR&SR – The Inside out of the “Babel Project”

Μάι 18, 2018 | Βαβέλ και media

I started to write this article just after the last support workshop in Babel – trying to remember most of it. Impossible. Then I looked at the guidelines for an article: short and energetic content…. Personal – this could be a place to start.

I remember the atmosphere before and after each workshop. Excitement on the edge of anxiety, embarrassment during the first group check- in and more and more intimacy at the end. …More about countries… the guidelines continues.

The country I will write about is Greece.

Key words –support of first line workers, migrants, refugees, experiential workshop, and intercultural team.

It is no more news that the number of migrants and refugees has enormously increased during the last years, especially in 2015 and 2016.

Being a migrant myself it is not surprising I have got involved in a project connected with supporting indirectly this group of people.

The “Babel project” offers support to the workers and volunteers of a mental health center for migrants in Athens, Greece.

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